MohammadMoein Maghami

MohammadMoein Maghami has started his career in journalism since 2012 with participation in courses which were held by the Iranian Young Journalist Club (YJC). After completing several tests, he joined the team as a TV- reporter. He had produced several thousand minutes of TV reports that were broadcasting on Iranian national TV channels one and two and also Iranian International news channel (IRINN) and his voice and images were on air many times in these channels.
He has worked as a presenter of YJCs program in IRINN since 2013. About hundred performances he has been done for the programs under the name of “on 19:30” and “with young reporters” in IRINN.
He has held several news conferences at the YJC and also has conducted several debates between well-known people. He has interviewed with Iranian presidents, heads of states, ministers, parliamentarians, actors and prominent personalities.
He has worked with Al-Alam international channel up to now as a producer. He has produced a series of programs which the most important of them are “Hashtag” and “new morning” and also several others and dozens of documentaries were produced by him and his team.
He has worked with people, ministries, news agencies, websites and various organizations to produce media content, collaborating performances and festivals.
Mohammadmoein Maghami has also designed and directed the promotional teasers of various brands to be broadcast on Iranian TV.
He has taught the courses of news recognition, television journalism, report writing, documentary directing and documentary production.
He has produced and directed several independent documentaries that have attracted the attention of numerous festivals and have been screened in different countries including Germany, America, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and Mexico.
Currently, Mohammadmoein Maghami is the CEO of Ordibehesht Cultural and Art Institute, in addition to producing and directing.This institute carries out various activities including holding workshops, creating advertising programs and international film distribution.
He has good quality in languages ​​English, French and Arabic.
مقامی | Maghami